Are you ready for Online Classes? Zoom Training/Help Sessions Available This Week!

We hope you are settling in well and getting ready to resume classes on April 6. We have heard that many students are concerned about the technical aspects of online learning, including Zoom, which will be used in many courses to provide a synchronous lecture or recitation.

In case you need help learning to use Zoom, or want to test your home internet connection or computer setup before the first day of online class, we will offer several Zoom training sessions for MAE students this week:

Please note that these sessions are specific to using Zoom. They are NOT to answer questions about the grading policy, exams, etc.  Such questions can be submitted here, and responses are posted to the MAE student FAQ.

Depending on how many people attend each session, our ability to help troubleshoot individual technical issues may be limited. If you have a technical problem (e.g. can’t get your sound to work, your internet is too slow, etc.) that cannot be resolved during the meeting, you should consult If you still have questions, or if you are aware of students lacking necessary hardware or internet access who are not already being helped, please email Kae-Lynn Wilson (

Applications for MAE 4340/4341/5340 and MAE 5250 will open at noon today!

Good morning,

The online application forms for MAE 4340/4341/5340: Innovative Product Design and MAE 5250: Introduction to Computer-Aided Manufacture will open today, 8/2/19, at 12:00 pm. The applications will remain open until Friday, August 16th, at 12:00 pm. You can find them at these links:

MAE 4340/4341/5340

MAE 5250

Once the application closes, all responses will be compiled and sent to the course instructors for selection of students who will be given permission to enroll. If you are selected, you will receive an email, prior to the end of the add period, with a permission number which will allow you to add the class on Student Center.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns (

Innovative Product Design, MAE 4340, 4341, 5340 Application Instructions

To enroll in Innovative Product Design via Digital Manufacturing, MAE 4340, 4341 (M.E. Sr. Design), or MAE 5340:

This course necessitates an application and selection process; the online application form will be available from Friday, August 4th, to Friday, August 18th, 2017, at Students will be notified of enrollment decisions prior to the start of Fall 2017 classes.

Fall 2017 MAE Tentative Course Roster

Tentative Course Roster Fall 2017:


If you are graduating with your B.S. Degree May/August 2017 and intend to join a Cornell graduate program, including M.Eng., you will be unable to pre-enroll until electronic enrollment resumes in August.

For a list of tentative research projects (this will be updated for the Fall 2017 semester), consult:

For a list of M.E. Major Approved Electives, consult:

For guidelines concerning math electives, technical electives, advisor approved electives, and additional M.E.  Major program requirements, consult:





Do You Need to Change Your MAE 4272 Lab?

MAE 4272 Lab Enrollment Information

On Monday afternoon, August 22, you will be unable to add/drop MAE 4272 labs.  There will be a trading lab sheet posted on the bulletin board between 106 and 106A Rhodes Hall.  If you find someone to switch with, you are to go to 106A Rhodes Hall together to manually make these changes.

Please note MAE 4272 fulfills the technical writing requirement.

Co-op Engineering Classes Summer

Enrolling in Co-op courses in Summer at Cornell does not require students to participate in the Co-op Program.  The only requirement is the pre-requisites need to have been taken.  Required courses offered this Summer 2016 for M.E. students:

Summer Session, June 27-August: Engrd 2210; MAE 2120; MAE 2030

Co-op: 1st session, May 26-July 6: MAE 3230; MAE 3250.   2nd session: July 7-Aug 17: MAE 3240; MAE 3260.


MAE 4340/4341/5340 – Innovative Product Design Enrollment for Fall 2016

Seniors:  If you are enrolled and do not meet these following requirements, please drop this course.

Due to limited enrollment, MAE 4340 and MAE 4341 (senior design), are limited to MAE Seniors.  MAE 5340 is limited to seniors and M.Eng. who are officially registered for the Early M.Eng. or M.Eng. Programs.  Exception: Students who currently have prior permission (as of yesterday) from Professor Shepherd to take this class.