Tickets for MAE Graduation Friday, 5/19 – Final Request for Pick-up

If you are walking with the Class of 2017 and attending the MAE Graduation Ceremony on Sunday, May 28, and have not yet retrieved your  tickets for the MAE Graduation Tent on the Engineering Quad, please go to 106A Rhodes Hall between 10:00am 3:00pm on Friday, May 19.  If you do not pick up tickets or make arrangements with Emily your guests will be directed to the non-ticket holder’s line without a guarantee of a seat.

Graduation Tickets – If You Don’t Pick Them Up This Week…

Your guests will not be able to get the tickets for the 2017 MAE Graduation Ceremony unless you pick them up this week or arrange to get them mailed.  Tickets will not be available on May 28, Commencement Day.  Please go to 106A Rhodes Hall this week.  If you are away from Campus until Graduation Weekend, please ask Emily to mail the tickets to you or your guests,  The tickets must be given to your guests in advance.

Professor Savransky New Advisor

Professor Dmitry Savaransky will be serving as next year’s AIAA Cornell Chapter Faculty Advisor.  If you would like to become a member and/or apply for an E-Board position:

This Chapter recently created a new initiative, hosting the “Distinguished Speaker Series” and plans to increase the number of aviation experts’ presentations to Cornell.  They also hold Professor Pizza Lunches.

Senior Announcements Including 2017 Senior Video and Graduation Day 5/28

The World Premiere of the B.S., M.E. Class of 2017 Senior Video will be presented in Kimball B11 at 6:00pm on Saturday, May 13.  Starring your classmates, with cameos including Professors’ Williamson, Fisher, Louge, and Hernandez, and many surprises. Special thanks to creators, Andrew Tan and Emilie Camera, for their special gift to your Class of 2017.  

MAE Graduation Ticket pick-up deadline from Emily’s office will be extended until Wednesday, May 17.  Come to 106A Rhodes Hall, or, if you are not on Campus, please send Emily your address for mailing–but we’d prefer you to stop by so you can also let Emily know how you want your name said when you walk across the stage.  Remember, please give these tickets to your guests in advance. 

Paperwork and Advisor Approved Electives Due:  Students graduating in May have been notified about outstanding paperwork.  Please take care of these items asap.

Graduation Ceremony Related For M.E. Students Walking with the Class of 2017:

  1. Please see University Commencement schedule for Graduation Weekend:
  2. Please see MAE Graduation Ceremony schedule for Sunday, May 28:
  3. For non-severe weather instructions: On Sunday, May 28, students will need to be seated in the Graduation Tent on the Engineering Quad by 12:30.  We ask that you leave the Stadium immediately and join your guests after the completion of the MAE ceremony for the reception on the Engineering Quad.
  4. Please consult severe weather instructions for both the University and MAE May 28 graduation websites.
  5. Attire:  Warning: last year, due to downpours of rain, students wearing caps and gowns found their gowns bled onto their clothes–therefore, be prepared to dress appropriately if rain is predicted.  Also, please dress comfortably. We also encourage students not to wear heels because you’ll be walking on grass on Campus grounds and in the MAE Graduation Tent.


We are looking for volunteers to take part in a study of knowledge discovery and feature extraction in complex engineering system design.

 This research studies how humans can extract useful knowledge while interacting with a software tool that is designed to help analyze large datasets in the context of engineering design. As a participant in this study, you will be asked to use our tool to analyze a certain dataset, and then solve a problem set about the data. To participate, you need to be a Cornell student (undergraduate or graduate) in STEM field.

Your participation requires 60 minutes.

In appreciation for your time, you will receive a $12 Amazon gift card.

(If you have already participated in our experiment, you cannot participate in this study)

To volunteer for this study, you can check the available time slots and make the appointment through

For more information about this study, please contact:

Harris Bang

SEAK (Systems Engineering Architecture and Knowledge) Lab, Sibley School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering


Wanted: Ushers for the Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Graduation Ceremony

 In addition to serving as an usher, we need a couple of students to also sell shirts after the ceremony.  The profit from these shirts gets directed to benefit the M.E. student body.

Pay: $12.00 per hour, plus a t-shirt and free catered lunch!

Date: Sunday, May 28, 2017

Where: Graduation Tent, Engineering Quad

Time: 11:00 a.m. – 2:15 p.m.

Who: All University Majors welcome!

Interested? Contact

Graduation Ceremony Related Information – For J17, M17, A17 and J18 M.E.’s

If you intend to participate walking with the May 2017 class on Sunday, May 28:

  1. Consult the Cornell University website for the revised Severe Weather Plan:
  2. Consult the MAE Graduation Ceremony website for details including the MAE Severe Weather Plan:
  3. Three tickets will be distributed from May 8-12 to students walking on May 28.  See Emily in 106 Rhodes Hall.  These tickets are to be given to guests in advance of the MAE Graduation Ceremony. Tickets are not required for the University Ceremony.
  4. Make sure you tell Emily how you want your name pronounced at the MAE Graduation Ceremony.
  5. Consult the University Commencement website for additional information and schedule of events graduation weekend:
  6. A cap and gown is required for all students walking in May.  Consult the University Commencement site for details.

Reminder Today: Learn About What Happens After An Airplane Disaster – Forensics Lecture

Want to know how experts determine all of the factors when a disaster occurs?

Come to the Cornell AIAA’s Distinguished Lecture Series featuring Professor George Bibel! A Mechanical Engineering Professor at the University of North Dakota!  Thursday, April 27, 5:00 in Phillips 403

Interested In Learning About Airplane Forensics When A Disaster Occurs? Lecture April 27, 5:00

Want to know how experts determine all of the factors when a disaster occurs?

Come to the Cornell AIAA’s Distinguished Lecture Series featuring Professor George Bibel! A Mechanical Engineering Professor at the University of North Dakota!  Thursday, April 27, 5:00 in Phillips 403