Fall 2017 MAE Tentative Course Roster

Tentative Course Roster Fall 2017: https://blogs.cornell.edu/maeugadvising/files/2017/03/Fall-2017-Teaching-Assignments-For-Blog-as-of-March-27-2017-1hqjp7v.pdf


If you are graduating with your B.S. Degree May/August 2017 and intend to join a Cornell graduate program, including M.Eng., you will be unable to pre-enroll until electronic enrollment resumes in August.

For a list of tentative research projects (this will be updated for the Fall 2017 semester), consult: http://www.mae.cornell.edu/mae/academics/undergrad/hands-on/research.cfm

For a list of M.E. Major Approved Electives, consult: http://www.mae.cornell.edu/academics/undergrad/memajor/electives.cfm

For guidelines concerning math electives, technical electives, advisor approved electives, and additional M.E.  Major program requirements, consult: http://www.mae.cornell.edu/mae/academics/undergrad/memajor/index.cfm





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