MAE Seminar:                   4:00 PM                in 205 Thurston Hall         Tuesday November 11th, 2014

Title:                                      Multi-Robot Coordination via Matching Algorithms

Speaker:                              Dylan Shell

Assistant Professor

Texas A&M University

Multi-Robot Coordination via Matching Algorithms

Dr. Shell describes his presentation:

In this talk I will describe recent research toward the goal of engineering multi-robot systems to form networks of efficient, cooperative, taskable agents. I shall consider variations of the multi-robot task allocation (assignment) problem, wherein one aims at finding the best matching between a set of robots and a set of tasks so that the team’s performance will be optimized. This assignment problem is one of the most popular formulations for optimizing the group synergy. I’ll describe new algorithms and results that show improvements in performance, scalability, and robustness for general-purpose coordinated mobile robot systems.

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