Interested in Joining Independent Research?

Here are some suggestions:

1. Hands on Research Opportunities for Undergrads and M.Eng:

2.  Search faculty profiles for research interests:

3.  Contact faculty member and specify your interests.

4. After the faculty member has agreed to you joining their research, see Emily in 108 Upson to register.  There is no pre-enrollment for research.  You can sign-up for MAE 4900, which may be used to satisfy the technical elective and/or for advisor approved electives (with your faculty advisor’s approval).  For the technical elective description and other MechE program details, see:

5.  If you wish to use research to satisfy the senior design requirement, you would enroll in MAE 4291, which is research with a senior design report due at the end of the semester.  You are recommended to have at least one semester of MAE 4900, research, prior to enrolling in MAE 4291.  Speak with your research advisor for advice. For senior design information:


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