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New article: Scalable Manufacturing of High Force Wearable Soft Actuators

Article: Zhao, H; Li, Y; Elsamadisi, A; Shepherd, R; (2015)  “Scalable Manufacturing of High Force Wearable Soft Actuators”, Extreme Mechanics Letters, online


Abstract:  For future applications of soft robotics, mass production of complex actuators that can apply high forces is necessary. In this paper, rotational casting is adapted as a new manufacturing method for soft actuators. The criteria for both mold design and material properties of the elastomeric precursors to produce networks of pneumatic channels are described. A cuboid soft actuator that can generate a force of View the MathML source at its tip, a near ten-fold increase over similar actuators previously reported is presented. Additionally, this manufacturing technique is used to fabricate a wearable assistive device for increasing the force a user can apply at their fingertips.

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