Published and Forthcoming Articles

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Wang, Danqing, Fei Du and Christopher Marquis. 2018. “Defending Mao’s Dream: How Politicians’ Ideological Imprinting Affects Firms’ Political Appointment in China.” Academy of Management Journal. Forthcoming. (Read a summary in Chinese).

Marquis, Christopher and Yanhua Bird. 2018. “The Paradox of Responsive Authoritarianism: Civil Society, Local Governments and Environmental Penalties in China.” Organization Science. Forthcoming. (Read a summary in the LSE Business Review and in Cornell Enterprise; Finalist for 2019 IACMR-RRBM Award for Responsible Research in Management)

Liang, Hao, Christopher Marquis, Luc Renneboog, and Sunny Li Sun. 2018. “Future-Time Framing: The Effect of Language on Corporate Future Orientation.” (Read summary in Chinese and an interview about a prior version in HBS Working knowledge). Organization Science. Forthcoming.

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Chapters and Other Publications

Christopher Marquis, 《理论化历史进程:对中国管理的启示》,《管理学季刊》,2018年第三期,1-24页(封面文章)。(Marquis, Christopher, Theorizing Historical Processes: Implications for Chinese Management, Quarterly Journal of Management (in Chinese), 2018, issue 3, page 1-24 (lead article)). See English version and published commentaries (in Chinese) by Runtian Jing & Xuan Sun (Shanghai Jiaotong University); David Zhu (Arizona State University) and Yanyu Wang & Jun Xia (University of Texas-Dallas).

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Working Papers

Marquis, Christopher, Yuhuan Liu and Runtian Jing. “Political Position and Firms’ Defiance of Governmental Mandates in China.”

Marquis, Christopher and Kunyuan Qiao. “Resource Scarcity Imprinting and Resource Use: A Study of Chinese Private Entrepreneurs” Under Review.

Marquis, Christopher and Kunyuan Qiao. “Unraveling How History Matters: Path Dependence or Imprinting?”

Qian, Cuili, Christopher Marquis, Deqiu Chen, Oliver Rui and Yunsen Chen. “Visits of Government Officials, Resource Acquisition, and Investment Efficiency: Evidence from Chinese Publicly Listed Firms”