Day 26 : friday afternoon

This afternoon Johannes lehmann and I were interviewed by Celia Clarke, from WSKG radio, around the sound of Cornell’s soil installation in the Ag-Quad.





A visist at the show for the last hours of it showed us that root sytems are starting to invest the tubes ! They choose the tubes playing the Sendai wave and the barred Howl






I had the chance earlier to have a great conversation with Johannes Lehmann and Morgan Irons, around soil and space.

Morgan is an ecologist and an environmental scientist. Her research is focused on understanding and applying ecological theories and principles to develop and manage quasi-closed, agro-ecological systems for use in extreme and changing Earth and space environments. Morgan and the DSE science team seek to understand how biogeochemical cycles and feedbacks may be developed in sterilized, degraded soil or regolith conditions through conducting fundamental research and field applications. Morgan Irons is a PhD candidate in the Field of Soil and Crop Sciences at Cornell University.


Day 23 : Visit of Louise Roberts

Today is a special day, and not only because of the opening of Vertimus : Louise Roberts came to visit me in Cornell

Louise Roberts is a Postdoc student, see is working in Geneva on the Sounds of Soil – tracking soil health for targeted pest control project. Greatr exchanges around bioacoustic tools, and how to best record the sounds of invertabrates living in soil…

“My interests span bioacoustics, biotremology and behavioural & sensory ecology. I have particular interests in the impacts of anthropogenic noise (both as substrate-borne vibrations or acoustic waves), passive acoustic/vibrational monitoring and the detection abilities of animals. Much of my work to date has been based in the marine environment with fish and benthic invertebrates, but more recently I have been working with terrestrial arthropods. Techniques: various methods of reproducing anthropogenic sources in the field; vibrational and chemical manipulations; large-scale underwater and sediment playbacks; baited underwater camera systems and sonar for animal observation; shaker systems for fine-scale vibrational manipulations in the laboratory; passive acoustic monitoring.”

And my outdoor installation became mute because of the snow, the wind and the cold….listeners will have to wait till thursday for better weather conditions….