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Author: Stephanie Lynn Westmiller

Lab News

Graduate student Sara Hermann recently completed her Masters Exam.  Congratulations to Sara!

Thaler Lab News

1. Sara Herman wins the first prize Presidential award at the Entomological Society of America for her talk “Non-consumptive efects of spined soldier bug presence on adult Colorado potato beetle behavior”

2. Monica Kersch-Becker’s paper “Virus strains differentially induce plant susceptibility to aphid vectors and chewing herbivores” is now in press at Oecologia!

3. Scott McArt’s paper “Plant genotypic diversity reduces the rate of consumer resource utiliation” was accepted to the Proceedings of the Royal Sociey B!

4. Suzi Claflin’s NSF graduate research fellowship “Effects of vector species diversity on virus prevalence: testing the dilution effect hypothesis” was funded!!

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