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Recent publications from the SIPS community – October 1, 2020

Evaluation of Effects of Chemical Soil Treatments and Potato Cultivars on Spongospora subterranea Soil Inoculum and Incidence of Powdery Scab and Potato Mop-Top Virus in Potato.

Zeng, Y., Fulladolsa, A. C., Cordova, A. M., O’Neill, P., Gray, S. M., and Charkowski, A. O. Plant Disease 0:PDIS-10-19-2202-RE.

Setaria viridis chlorotic and seedling-lethal mutants define critical functions for chloroplast gene expression.

Feiz, L., Strickler, S. R., van Eck, J., Mao, L., Movahed, N., Taylor, C., Gourabathini, P., Fei, Z., and Stern, D. B. 2020. The Plant Journal n/a.

From landrace to modern hybrid broccoli: the genomic and morphological domestication syndrome within a diverse B. oleracea collection.

Stansell, Z., and Björkman, T. 2020. Horticulture Research 7:159.

The hornworts: morphology, evolution and development.

Frangedakis, E., Shimamura, M., Villarreal, J. C., Li, F.-W., Tomaselli, M., Waller, M., Sakakibara, K., Renzaglia, K. S., and Szövényi, P. New Phytologist n/a.

Differential Susceptibility of Tree Tomato (Solanum betaceum) Cultivars to Late Blight Caused by Phytophthora betacei.

Mideros, M. F., Mayton, H., Danies, G., Lagos, L. E., Fry, W. E., and Restrepo, S. 2020. Plant Disease 104:1113-1117.

Indications of Susceptibility to Calonectria pseudonaviculata in Some Common Groundcovers and Boxwood Companion Plants.

Richardson, P. A., Daughtrey, M., and Hong, C. 2020. Plant Disease 104:1127-1132.

Genotyping-by-Sequencing for Analysis of the Genetic Variation of Podosphaera xanthii, Incitant of Cucurbit Powdery Mildew.

Xiang, Y., Miller, A. N., McGrath, M., and Babadoost, M. 2020. Plant Disease 104:951-957.

First Report of Dickeya fangzhongdai Causing Soft Rot of Onion in New York State.

Ma, X., Bonasera, J. M., Asselin, J. A. E., Beer, S. V., and Swingle, B. 2020. Plant Disease 104:1251.

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