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Recent publications from the SIPS community – September 17, 2020

Soil-Mediated Effects on Weed-Crop Competition: Elucidating the Role of Annual and Perennial Intercrop Diversity Legacies

Menalled, U. D., Bybee-Finley, K. A., Smith, R. G., DiTommaso, A., Pethybridge, S. J., and Ryan, M. R. 2020. Agronomy 10:1373.

WRKY22 and WRKY25 transcription factors are positive regulators of defense responses in Nicotiana benthamiana.

Ramos, R. N., Martin, G. B., Pombo, M. A., and Rosli, H. G. 2020. Plant molecular biology.

Victorin, the host-selective cyclic peptide toxin from the oat pathogen Cochliobolus victoriae, is ribosomally encoded.

Kessler, S. C., Zhang, X., McDonald, M. C., Gilchrist, C. L. M., Lin, Z., Rightmyer, A., Solomon, P. S., Turgeon, B. G., and Chooi, Y.-H. 2020. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences:202010573.

Population-wide shifts in herbivore resistance strategies over succession.

Kalske, A., and Kessler, A. Ecology n/a:e03157.

Population Genetics of Sugar Kelp Throughout the Northeastern United States Using Genome-Wide Markers

Mao, X., Augyte, S., Huang, M., Hare, M. P., Bailey, D., Umanzor, S., Marty-Rivera, M., Robbins, K. R., Yarish, C., Lindell, S., and Jannink, J.-L. 2020. Frontiers in Marine Science 7.

Indian agriculture, air pollution, and public health in the age of COVID

McDonald, A. J., Balwinder, S., Jat, M. L., Craufurd, P., Hellin, J., Hung, N. V., Keil, A., Kishore, A., Kumar, V., McCarty, J. L., Pearson, P., Samaddar, A., Shyamsundar, P., Shirsath, P. B., Sidhu, H. S., Singh, A. K., Singh, S., Srivastava, A. K., Urban, E., Malik, R. K., and Gerard, B. 2020. World Development 135:105064.

Neogene precipitation, vegetation, and elevation history of the Central Andean Plateau

Martínez, C., Jaramillo, C., Correa-Metrío, A., Crepet, W., Moreno, J. E., Aliaga, A., Moreno, F., Ibañez-Mejia, M., and Bush, M. B. 2020. . Science Advances 6:eaaz4724.

Tomato fruit as a model for tissue-specific gene silencing in crop plants

Feder, A., Jensen, S., Wang, A., Courtney, L., Middleton, L., Van Eck, J., Liu, Y., and Giovannoni, J. J. 2020. Horticulture Research 7:142.

Small subunits can determine enzyme kinetics of tobacco Rubisco expressed in Escherichia coli

Lin, M. T., Stone, W. D., Chaudhari, V., and Hanson, M. R. 2020. Nature Plants.

Unraveling the Spiraling Radiation: A Phylogenomic Analysis of Neotropical Costus L.

Valderrama, E., Sass, C., Pinilla-Vargas, M., Skinner, D., Maas, P. J. M., Maas-van de Kamer, H., Landis, J. B., Guan, C. J., and Specht, C. D. 2020. Frontiers in Plant Science 11.

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