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Recent publications from the SIPS community – June 25, 2020

Wet or dry sowing had a larger effect on the soil bacterial community composition than tillage practices in an arid irrigated agro-ecosystem.

Prince, L., Verhulst, N., Govaerts, B., Navarro-Noya, Y. E., and Dendooven, L. 2020. Journal of Soils and Sediments.

 Characterization of genes involved in (p)ppGpp precursor biosynthesis in Erwinia amylovora

Yang, H.-W., Yu, M., Liu, J., Khan, A., and Zhao, Y. 2020. Journal of Plant Pathology.

Status of fire blight resistance breeding in Malus.

Peil, A., Emeriewen, O. F., Khan, A., Kostick, S., and Malnoy, M. 2020. Journal of Plant Pathology.

 Yeast Assimilable Nitrogen Concentrations Influence Yeast Gene Expression and Hydrogen Sulfide Production During Cider Fermentation.

Song, Y., Gibney, P., Cheng, L., Liu, S., and Peck, G. 2020. Frontiers in Microbiology 11.

Grapevine viruses: a multitude of diverse species with simple but overall poorly adopted management solutions in the vineyard.

Fuchs, M. 2020.  Journal of Plant Pathology.

Yield modeling of snap bean based on hyperspectral sensing: a greenhouse study.

Hassanzadeh, A., van Aardt, J., Murphy, S. P., and Pethybridge, S. J. 2020. Journal of Applied Remote Sensing 14:024519.

Use of hydraulic traits for modeling genotype-specific acclimation in cotton under drought.

Wang, D. R., Venturas, M. D., Mackay, D. S., Hunsaker, D. J., Thorp, K. R., Gore, M. A., and Pauli, D.  New Phytologist n/a.

Phytonematode Peptide Effectors Exploit a Host Post-Translational Trafficking Mechanism to the ER using a Novel Translocation Signal.

Wang, J., Dhroso, A., Liu, X., Baum, T. J., Hussey, R. S., Davis, E. L., Wang, X., Korkin, D., and Mitchum, M. G. New Phytologist n/a.

Does acoustic priming ‘sweeten the pot’ of floral nectar?

Raguso, R. A., Harder, L. D., and Johnson, S. D.  Ecology Letters n/a.

Transmission modes affect the population structure of potato virus Y in potato.

da Silva, W., Kutnjak, D., Xu, Y., Xu, Y., Giovannoni, J., Elena, S. F., and Gray, S. 2020 PLOS Pathogens 16:e1008608.

ERF4 affects fruit firmness through TPL4 by reducing ethylene production.

Hu, Y., Han, Z., Sun, Y., Wang, S., Wang, T., Wang, Y., Xu, K., Zhang, X., Xu, X., Han, Z., and Wu, T. The Plant Journal n/a.

Regulation of Leaf Longevity by DML3-Mediated DNA Demethylation.

Yuan, L., Wang, D., Cao, L., Yu, N., Liu, K., Guo, Y., Gan, S., and Chen, L. 2020. Molecular Plant.

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