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Recent publications from the SIPS community – December 5, 2019

ORANGE Represses Chloroplast Biogenesis in Etiolated Arabidopsis Cotyledons via Interaction with TCP14

Sun, T., Zhou, F., Huang, X.-Q., Chen, W.-C., Kong, M.-J., Zhou, C.-F., Zhuang, Z., Li, L., and Lu, S. 2019. The Plant Cell:tpc.00290.02018.

PEATmoss (Physcomitrella Expression Atlas Tool): a unified gene expression atlas for the model plant Physcomitrella patens

Fernandez-Pozo, N., Haas, F. B., Meyberg, R., Ullrich, K. K., Hiss, M., Perroud, P.-F., Hanke, S., Kratz, V., Powell, A. F., Vesty, E. F., Daum, C. G., Zane, M., Lipzen, A., Sreedasyam, A., Grimwood, J., Coates, J. C., Barry, K., Schmutz, J., Mueller, L. A., and Rensing, S. A. The Plant Journal n/a.

A new method for extracting DNA from the grape berry surface, beginning in the vineyard

Hall, M. E., Cadle-Davidson, L., Fang, Z., and Wilcox, W. F. 2019. Heliyon 5:e02597.

Science-based intensive agriculture: Sustainability, food security, and the role of technology

Gaffney, J., Bing, J., Byrne, P. F., Cassman, K. G., Ciampitti, I., Delmer, D., Habben, J., Lafitte, H. R., Lidstrom, U. E., Porter, D. O., Sawyer, J. E., Schussler, J., Setter, T., Sharp, R. E., Vyn, T. J., and Warner, D. 2019. Global Food Security 23:236-244.

Linking Coffee to Soil: Can Soil Health Increase Coffee Cup Quality in Colombia?

Rekik, F., van Es, H., Hernandez-Aguilera, J. N., and Gómez, M. I. 2019.  Soil Science 184:25-33.

Cell autonomous and non-autonomous functions of plant intracellular immune receptors in stomatal defense and apoplastic defense.

Yan, J., Yu, H., Li, B., Fan, A., Melkonian, J., Wang, X., Zhou, T., and Hua, J. 2019. PLOS Pathogens 15:e1008094.

Apple ALMT9 requires a conserved C-terminal domain for malate transport underlying fruit acidity

Li, C.-L., Dougherty, L., Coluccio, A. E., Meng, D., El-Sharkawy, I., Borejsza-Wysocka, E., Liang, D., Pineros, M. A., Xu, K., and Cheng, L. 2020. Plant Physiology:pp.01300.02019.

Quantitative Phenotyping of Northern Leaf Blight in UAV Images Using Deep Learning

Stewart, E.L.; Wiesner-Hanks, T.; Kaczmar, N.; DeChant, C.; Wu, H.; Lipson, H.; Nelson, R.J.; Gore, M.A. 2019. . Remote Sens 11: 2209.

A thrips vector of tomato spotted wilt virus responds to tomato acylsugar chemical diversity with reduced oviposition and virus inoculation

Ben-Mahmoud, S., Anderson, T., Chappell, T. M., Smeda, J. R., Mutschler, M. A., Kennedy, G. G., De Jong, D. M., and Ullman, D. E. 2019. Scientific Reports 9:17157.

Towards a Harmonized Long-Term Spaceborne Record of Far-Red Solar-Induced Fluorescence

Parazoo, N. C., Frankenberg, C., Köhler, P., Joiner, J., Yoshida, Y., Magney, T., Sun, Y., and Yadav, V. 2019. Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences 124:2518-2539.

Exploring the proteome associated with the mRNA encoding the D1 reaction center protein of Photosystem II in plant chloroplasts

Watkins, K. P., Williams-Carrier, R., Chotewutmontri, P., Friso, G., Teubner, M., Belcher, S., Ruwe, H., Schmitz-Linneweber, C., van Wijk, K. J., and Barkan, A. The Plant Journal n/a.

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