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Recent publications from the SIPS community – November 1, 2018

Deacclimation kinetics as a quantitative phenotype for delineating the dormancy transition and thermal efficiency for budbreak in Vitis species

Kovaleski, A.P., Reisch, B.I., and Londo, J.P. 2018. AoB PLANTS 10:ply066-ply066.

Relationships between compound lipophilicity on seed coat permeability and embryo uptake by soybean and corn

Yang, D., Donovan, S., Black, B.C., Cheng, L., and Taylor, A.G. 2018. Seed Science Research 28:229-235.

Soil fungal taxonomic and functional community composition as affected by biochar properties

Dai, Z., Enders, A., Rodrigues, J.L.M., Hanley, K.L., Brookes, P.C., Xu, J., and Lehmann, J. 2018. Soil Biology and Biochemistry 126:159-167.

Mineral colloids mediate organic carbon accumulation in a temperate forest Spodosol: depth-wise changes in pore water chemistry

Bazilevskaya, E., Archibald, D.D., and Martínez, C.E. 2018. Biogeochemistry 141:75-94.

Genotypic Variation in Apple Rootstock Low Temperature Tolerance During Spring and Fall

Moran, R.E., Peterson, B.J., Fazio, G., and Cline, J. 2018. Journal of the American Society for Horticultural Science 143:319-332.

A Risk Analysis of Precision Agriculture Technology to Manage Tomato Late Blight

Liu, Y., Langemeier, M., Small, I., Joseph, L., Fry, W., Ristaino, J., Saville, A., Gramig, B., and Preckel, P. 2018. Sustainability 10:3108.

Transcriptomic analysis of sweet potato under dehydration stress identifies candidate genes for drought tolerance

Lau, K.H., Rosario Herrera, M., Crisovan, E., Wu, S., Fei, Z., Khan, M.A., Buell, C.R., and Gemenet, D.C. 2018. Plant Direct 2:e00092.

‘Bayou Belle’ and ‘Beauregard’ Sweetpotato Root Length in Response to Experimental Phosphorus Deficiency and Compacted Layer Treatments.

Villordon, A., Gregorie, J.C., LaBonte, D., Khan, A., and Selvaraj, M. 2018. Variation in HortScience 53:1534-1540.

Monocot plastid phylogenomics, timeline, net rates of species diversification, the power of multi-gene analyses, and a functional model for the origin of monocots.

Givnish, T.J., Zuluaga, A., Spalink, D., Soto Gomez, M., Lam, V.K.Y., Saarela, J.M., Sass, C., Iles, W.J.D., de Sousa, D.J.L., Leebens-Mack, J., Chris Pires, J., Zomlefer, W.B., Gandolfo, M.A., Davis, J.I., Stevenson, D.W., dePamphilis, C., Specht, C.D., Graham, S.W., Barrett, C.F., and Ané, C. American Journal of Botany 0.

Updated List of Endemic Seed Plant Species found on San Salvador Island, The Bahamas; with a Perspective on Historical and Current Significance.

Kass, L.B., T.K. Snyder, and K.A.  Snyder. 2018. Caribbean Naturalist. Special Issue No 2: 48-75.

Introduction to a special feature issue – New insights into plant volatiles.

Kessler, A. 2018.  New Phytologist 220:655-658.

Why do plants produce so many terpenoid compounds?

Pichersky, E., and Raguso, R.A. 2018. New Phytologist 220:692-702.

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