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Recent publications from the SIPS community – October 11, 2018

Global Data Analysis Shows That Soil Nutrient Levels Dominate Foliar Nutrient Resorption Efficiency in Herbaceous Species.

Wang, Z., Fan, Z., Zhao, Q., Wang, M., Ran, J., Huang, H., and Niklas, K.J. 2018.  Frontiers in Plant Science 9.

Downy Mildew: A Serious Disease Threat to Rose Health Worldwide.

Salgado-Salazar, C., Shiskoff, N., Daughtrey, M., Palmer, C.L., and Crouch, J.A. 2018. Plant Disease 102:1873-1882.

First Report of Sudden Death Syndrome of Soybean Caused by Fusarium virguliforme in New York.

Cummings, J.A., Myers, K.L., and Bergstrom, G.C. 2018. Plant Disease 102:2036-2036.

Poor Control of Cucurbit Powdery Mildew Associated with First Detection of Resistance to Cyflufenamid in the Causal Agent, Podosphaera xanthii, in the United States.

McGrath, M.T., and Sexton, Z.F. 2018 Plant Health Progress:222-223.

Biomass production of herbaceous energy crops in the United States: field trial results and yield potential maps from the multiyear regional feedstock partnership.

Lee, D.K., Aberle, E., Anderson, E.K., Anderson, W., Baldwin, B.S., Baltensperger, D., Barrett, M., Blumenthal, J., Bonos, S., Bouton, J., Bransby, D.I., Brummer, C., Burks, P.S., Chen, C., Daly, C., Egenolf, J., Farris, R.L., Fike, J.H., Gaussoin, R., Gill, J.R., Gravois, K., Halbleib, M.D., Hale, A., Hanna, W., Harmoney, K., Heaton, E.A., Heiniger, R.W., Hoffman, L., Hong, C.O., Kakani, G., Kallenbach, R., Macoon, B., Medley, J.C., Missaoui, A., Mitchell, R., Moore, K.J., Morrison, J.I., Odvody, G.N., Richwine, J.D., Ogoshi, R., Parrish, J.R., Quinn, L., Richard, E., Rooney, W.L., Rushing, J.B., Schnell, R., Sousek, M., Staggenborg, S.A., Tew, T., Uehara, G., Viands, D.R., Voigt, T., Williams, D., Williams, L., Wilson, L.T., Wycislo, A., Yang, Y., and Owens, V. 2018. GCB Bioenergy 10:698-716.

Emerging Pleiotropic Mechanisms Underlying Aluminum Resistance and Phosphorus Acquisition on Acidic Soils.

Magalhaes, J.V., Piñeros, M.A., Maciel, L.S., and Kochian, L.V. 2018. Frontiers in Plant Science 9.

Land restoration in food security programmes: synergies with climate change mitigation.

Woolf, D., Solomon, D., and Lehmann, J. 2018. Climate Policy 18:1260-1270.

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