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Recent publications from the SIPS community – May 11, 2017

Delayed response to cold stress is characterized by successive metabolic shifts culminating in apple fruit peel necrosis.

Gapper, N.E., Hertog, M.L.A.T.M., Lee, J., Buchanan, D.A., Leisso, R.S., Fei, Z., Qu, G., Giovannoni, J.J., Johnston, J.W., Schaffer, R.J., Nicolaï, B.M., Mattheis, J.P., Watkins, C.B., and Rudell, D.R. 2017.  BMC Plant Biology 17:77.

Transcriptome Analysis of Mango (Mangifera indica L.) Fruit Epidermal Peel to Identify Putative Cuticle-Associated Genes

Tafolla-Arellano, J.C., Zheng, Y., Sun, H., Jiao, C., Ruiz-May, E., Hernández-Oñate, M.A., González-León, A., Báez-Sañudo, R., Fei, Z., Domozych, D., Rose, J.K.C., and Tiznado-Hernández, M.E. 2017.  Scientific Reports 7:46163.

Flowering after disaster: Early Danian buckthorn (Rhamnaceae) flowers and leaves from Patagonia

Jud, N.A., Gandolfo, M.A., Iglesias, A., and Wilf, P. 2017.  PLOS ONE 12:e0176164.

Genetic structure of Cercospora beticola populations on Beta vulgaris in New York and Hawaii

Vaghefi, N., Nelson, S.C., Kikkert, J.R., and Pethybridge, S.J. 2017.  Scientific Reports 7:1726.

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