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Recent publications from the SIPS community – January 12, 2017

Eocene lantern fruits from Gondwanan Patagonia and the early origins of Solanaceae.

Wilf, P., Carvalho, M.R., Gandolfo, M.A., and Cúneo, N.R. 2017.  Science 355:71-75.

Model System-Guided Protein Interaction Mapping for Virus Isolated from Phloem Tissue.

DeBlasio, S.L., Johnson, R.S., MacCoss, M.J., Gray, S.M., and Cilia, M. 2016.  J Proteome Res 15:4601-4611.

The conserved hypothetical protein PSPTO_3957 is essential for virulence in the plant pathogen Pseudomonas syringae pv. tomato DC3000.

D’Amico, K., and Filiatrault, M.J. 2017.  FEMS Microbiol Lett.

Characterization of Biosynthetic Pathways for the Production of the Volatile Homoterpenes DMNT and TMTT in Zea mays.

Richter, A., Schaff, C., Zhang, Z.W., Lipka, A.E., Tian, F., Kollner, T.G., Schnee, C., Preiss, S., Irmisch, S., Jander, G., Boland, W., Gershenzon, J., Buckler, E.S., and Degenhardt, J. 2016. Plant Cell 28:2651-2665.

Sewage pollution in New York, USA: impact of the ‘Right to Know’ Act.

Vedachalam, S., Singh, P., and Riha, S.J. 2016.  Water Policy 18:1303-1316.


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