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Recent publications from the SIPS community – October 13, 2016

Comparative analysis of Cucurbita pepo metabolism throughout fruit development in acorn squash and oilseed pumpkin.

Wyatt, L.E., Strickler, S.R., Mueller, L.A., and Mazourek, M. 2016. Hortic Res-England 3.

Pore-Size and Water Activity Effects on Survival of Rhizobium tropici in Biochar Inoculant Carriers.

Vanek SJ, Thies J, Wang B, Hanley K, Lehmann J. 2016. J Microb Biochem Technol 8:296-306.

Electrical Capacitance as a Predictor of Root Dry Weight in Shrub Willow (Salix; Salicaceae) Parents and Progeny.

Carlson, C.H., and Smart, L.B. 2016. Appl Plant Sci 4.

Zn, Cd, S and trace metal bioaccumulation in willow (Salix spp.) cultivars grown hydroponically.

McBride, M.B., Martinez, C.E., and Kim, B. 2016. Int J Phytoremediat 18:1178-1186.

Lessons from a Phenotyping Center Revealed by the Genome-Guided Mapping of Powdery Mildew Resistance Loci.

Cadle-Davidson, L., Gadoury, D., Fresnedo-Ramirez, J., Yang, S.S., Barba, P., Sun, Q., Demmings, E.M., Seem, R., Schaub, M., Nowogrodzki, A., Kasinathan, H., Ledbetter, C., and Reisch, B.I. 2016. Phytopathology 106:1159-1169.

Microbe-ID: an open source toolbox for microbial genotyping and species identification.

Tabima, J.F., Everhart, S.E., Larsen, M.M., Weisberg, A.J., Kamvar, Z.N., Tancos, M.A., Smart, C.D., Chang, J.H., and Grunwald, N.J. 2016. Peerj 4.

Potato tuber herbivory increases resistance to aboveground lepidopteran herbivores.

Kumar, P., Ortiz, E.V., Garrido, E., Poveda, K., and Jander, G. 2016. Oecologia 182:177-187.

Gene Evolutionary Trajectories and GC Patterns Driven by Recombination in Zea mays.

Sundararajan, A., Dukowic-Schulze, S., Kwicklis, M., Engstrom, K., Garcia, N., Oviedo, O.J., Ramaraj, T., Gonzales, M.D., He, Y., Wang, M.H., Sun, Q., Pillardy, J., Kianian, S.F., Pawlowski, W.P., Chen, C.B., and Mudge, J. 2016. Front Plant Sci 7.

Mitigating methane emission from paddy soil with rice-straw biochar amendment under projected climate change.

Han, X.G., Sun, X., Wang, C., Wu, M.X., Dong, D., Zhong, T., Thies, J.E., and Wu, W.X. 2016. Sci Rep-Uk 6.

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