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Rumenocentesis preparation

Our lab focuses on the identification, epidemiology, and economics of periparturient diseases in dairy cattle. As such, we are interested in identifying methods that accurately and quantitatively measure energy-related metabolites, macromineral concentrations, and important biological markers cow-side in order to improve detection of specific disorders. Knowledge of a disease’s incidence and prevalence during this period of lactation and its association with other diseases is an important antecedent in determining management factors and preventative measures that decrease the impact of disease in a herd.

Our group has experience studying the epidemiology of hyperketonemia in early lactation, and we are interested in exploring patterns of other parturient-related diseases in order to improve the well-being, health, and production of dairy cattle. In addition to the welfare of individual cows in a herd, diseases have an impact on the financial success of dairy farms. Economic considerations regarding the cost of parturient-related diseases and the cost-benefit of different testing and treatment strategies have a large impact on farm engagement and management practices. Using deterministic and stochastic/iterative modeling, we hope to explore the economic impact of transition cow diseases and promote management practices that optimize cow health and farm profit.

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