From the Admissions Office: Submitting Test Scores to CIPA/Cornell

Jennifer Evangelista
Hello from the Cornell campus and the CIPA Admission’s Office! I’m going to talk to you a bit about submitting GRE and TOEFL scores today, but before we get started on that topic, I wanted to also share a picture I took while walking in to work this week. We had some snow overnight, and it was cold, but it sure did make for a beautiful scene!

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Nice, right? Okay, now back to the topic of the week: SUBMITTING TEST SCORES. Here we go!

GRE scores are a required part of the application process. The average GRE scores that we receive from applicants are as follows: Verbal – 155; Quantitative – 160; and Analytical – 3.5. Again, these are averages, and this is ONE piece of the application. Admission is based on an evaluation of ALL MATERIALS submitted. Don’t PANIC, if you are a few points under on these sections. They are average scores!

Applicants for whom English is a second language, are reguired to take an English proficiency exam.  The Cornell Graduate School accepts either the TOEFL or IELTS.  Scores from only one of these exams needs to be submitted, but at least one is required to be considered for admission. For information on minimum test scores, possible exemptions (there are a few), and submission information,  please visit the Graduate school page on English language proficiency.

Finally, here are two of the most popular questions that we are asked regarding these exams, and the answers to each:

1) “I’m planning to submit my application, but I will not take my exams until next month. Should I wait to submit my application?”

Nope! We would gladly accept your application, and any other materials that are ready to submit, prior to having the test results. Once you have taken your tests, notify us, and have ETS send your scores.

2) “I am planning on submitting my application soon, but I submitted my test scores a few months ago. Do you have my scores?”

Nope! (Again? Yes, the answer again, is nope.) The Cornell Graduate School has a system in place that matches information from your test scores to information on your application. This process can take up to five to seven business days. Once a match is made, then and only then will the CIPA Admission team have access to see your test results. So, even though you were trying to be efficient (which we love, and thank you for), if you haven’t submitted the application, your scores will be hanging out in cyber-space, waiting for your application to appear.

Well, I think that’s it for today, everyone! I hope I have provided some useful information regarding the process of submitted scores, and what some of the expectations and requirements for these exams are. I hope to see your application in the near future, but until then, go and enjoy the weekend!

Jennifer Evangelista

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