Below are the acknowledgements and prizes. Thank you!

Top Donors 2-way tie: Meredith Henry & Paul Soloway
Best Buns – Resemblance Costume: Ellen George
Leia Hair: Kelly Lyboldt
Rey Hair: Lorissa Haines
Best Buns – Cutest Pet: Max (Jen Patterson’s dog)
Child: Skyla (Bob Weiss’s daughter)
Adult: Heather Muniz


Participant Prize
Erin Wissink Bag of coffee beans
Ellen George Bag of coffee beans
Heather Muniz Sample local coffee
Lorissa Haines Garden gloves
Kelly Lyboldt Jar of honey
Jen Patterson Garden hand shovel
Meredith Henry 2 Tix NYSF
Bob Weiss/Skyla 2 Tix NYSF


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