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arXiv Technical Evaluation Rubric

While we eventually decided to adopt an incremental, microservices-based approach to redeveloping arXiv (see the post arXiv NG: Classic Renewal for context), we did spend considerable time evaluating existing repository technologies. To that end, we developed a technical evaluation rubric that we applied to candidate technologies, and are pleased to share that here in case […]

Visit to Astrophysics Data System

ADS (Astrophysics Data System) held its second ADS Users Group meeting on 2–3 November. In advance of the meeting, on 1 November I spent the day meeting with Alberto Accomazzi (ADS PI), Michael Kurtz (Project Scientist), Edwin Henneken (IT Specialist), and members of the ADS development team. The ADS Digital Library was founded in the […]

arXiv NG: Classic Renewal

To paraphrase an observation by our new Scientific Director: from the perspective of most of our users, arXiv runs on magic. With the exception of a small handful of hiccups, arXiv has just worked for over 25 years. Since I joined the arXiv IT team as lead software architect in June, I’ve been working hard […]

arXiv Developer Spotlight: Librarian, from Fermat’s Library

When I joined arXiv as lead software architect in June, one of the first things that jumped out at me was the incredible range of cool and innovative things that users are doing with arXiv content. In my opinion, that’s a sign that we’re doing things right: arXiv provides a valuable and reliable core service, […]

Development update: reference extraction & linking

Based on user and stakeholder feedback, extracting cited references from arXiv papers and providing links to those references for readers was identified for development under the 2017 arXiv Roadmap, based on input from the arXiv user survey. We have also heard from our API consumers that access to cited references would be valuable. arXiv already detects arXiv […]

Another quick arXiv user poll (links to publications cited by articles in arXiv)

We are considering enhancements to display links that will take the reader to the papers cited in arXiv articles. We already add arXiv links to PDFs when the TeX source is available and arXiv ids are present, for example. We would like your input on extending this further: The survey will remain open until […]

Our first arXiv-nextgen user poll!

We’re pleased to be conducting our first arXiv-nextgen user poll. The arXiv team is working on extracting and presenting article references on the abstract page. We’d like to know how you’d like them to be presented to you. You can express your preference by taking a very short survey: The survey will be available until […]

Do you use arXiv content in application development or research?

The arXiv team is gathering information on the use of arXiv the API and content in external applications and for research. We are doing so in order to inform the development of new arXiv APIs and to minimize disruption to current users of the arXiv API and arXiv content. If you use the arXiv API […]

arXiv releases new moderation interface

Earlier today we released the first beta of a new moderation interface to support arXiv’s volunteer moderators. Driven by Cycle.js and backed by a RESTful API, the new interface centralizes the actions that moderators can make on a submission to a single view, reducing clicks and navigation time. We’re excited for them to try it and thank […]

New moderation interface coming soon

We just conducted a round of usability testing on a new interface for arXiv’s volunteer moderators. Given that they’re distributed all over the globe, this presented an interesting challenge. If you’re interested, you can read moreabout our process. We expect the new interface to go live (in beta) in June. Originally published 26 May 2017.

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