A new category for arXiv

In September of last year arXiv launched the Economics section with a single field of Econometrics. Yesterday we expanded our Economics coverage to include the fields of Theoretical Economics and General Economics.

When I say that ‘arXiv launched’ this is really a partnership between researchers in the field and arXiv staff and Scientific Advisory Board members. Today’s expansions came about after a group of economics researchers including Martin Weidner (University College London), Drew Fudenberg (MIT), and Victor Chernozhukov (MIT) reached out to arXiv.

There are several factors that we ask the community to consider before adding new categories. In the fields where arXiv is most successful it is both a place for authors to post their papers and also where readers are engaged on a daily basis to check out the newest research posted. Some questions we consider then are: How large is the research community? What are the typical number of articles per year? Can the community commit to sustained monthly submissions? How do e-prints fit into the research and publishing practice of the community? Are there volunteers who will lead outreach to the community? Are there volunteers ready to become moderators and scan incoming articles?

Another factor is: How does the proposed category fit into the rest of arXiv? In the case of Theoretical Economics we are already seeing decision theory and economic game theory papers posted to math, computer science, and physics and society that would be better classified under econ.TH.

Those who watch arXiv will note that while we are fairly conservative when it comes to adding new categories we do welcome substantive proposals. This comes in part from our general principles, and our commitment to those communities we already serve. We also need to ensure sustainable growth both in terms of active engagement with research communities and the financial and organizational capacity of arXiv. Decisions for category expansion are ultimately up to the arXiv Program Director and Scientific Director with input from arXiv staff and the Scientific Advisory Board.

Jim Entwood
arXiv Operations Manager