Burgeoning Preprint Services Landscape

arXiv team is pleased to see the growing interest in preprint services and their availability to an increasing diversity of scholars, many with names that include the -Xiv suffix. We appreciate the expanding landscape that aims to encourage broad access to research findings, enable timely feedback, and accelerate discovery for many different disciplines.  On January 26, collaborating with ASAPbio and bioRxiv, we organized a day-long meeting in New York City to bring together the leads of nascent preprints to discuss a range of matters of common interest to the growing community. It was a lively exchange of existing or emerging  content curation practices in support of quality control, withdrawals and replacements, content types supported, and submission overlap (among multiple repositories).  Throughout the meeting, we tried to get to know various services from different user community and service provider perspectives.  Content types represented among the preprint services included papers, preprints, postprints (published articles), conference papers, tech reports, white papers, posters, AV, books, dissertations, thesis, and book reviews.  This is just one example of the diversity represented as each initiative is focusing on a different disciplinary community.

As arXiv moves forward with the next-gen plans, we are interested in sharing our experiences, promoting best practices, and fostering common curatorial approaches.  Also, we see this as a learning opportunity for the arXiv team as the nascent preprint services are relying on modern technology platforms and introducing new practices. While no formal relationship exists among preprint services, we all share a common vision — advancing science by rapidly and freely disseminating research findings. We expect the conversation and networking to continue and will keep you informed of developments.