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A day in the life of the arXiv admin team

The arXiv administrator team handles the 500-600 new article submissions that come into arXiv every day (double that on Mondays). When a user sends a paper to arXiv it goes through a series of checks to detect technical issues with the paper and also to make sure it meets our moderation standards. The administrators shepherd […]

Annual Update

We are pleased to provide an update with a brief summary of our 2017 activities and 2018 plans: We remain grateful for strong support from our member organizations, Simons Foundation, and essential contributions from arXiv’s advisory groups as they consistently provide us with input as representatives of scientific and library communities. We salute the […]

arXiv Technical Evaluation Rubric

While we eventually decided to adopt an incremental, microservices-based approach to redeveloping arXiv (see the post arXiv NG: Classic Renewal for context), we did spend considerable time evaluating existing repository technologies. To that end, we developed a technical evaluation rubric that we applied to candidate technologies, and are pleased to share that here in case […]

1991-2017 arXiv submission statistics available

We’re pleased to share the arXiv submission rate statistics for 1991-2017. The overall current submission rate (averaged over calendar year 2017) is 10293 submissions/month (123523 total for 2017). More detail, including breakdowns by subject area, is available on the website.

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