Welcome to Cornell!

Welcome to Cornell University!

Learn more about what our great institution has to offer through our virtual visit! Explore our exciting academics, meet our unique students, and see the scenic beauty of the Finger Lakes.

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Information Session Part 1: Academics and Research

Information Session Part 2: Residential and Student Life

Information Session Part 3: Admissions, Financial Aid, and Student Outcomes

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Meet Our Students

The Arts & Sciences Experience

By: Devon Jones, Assistant Director of Admissions for Diversity, College of Arts and Sciences When I joined the Arts & Sciences Admissions team in 2017, the college overwhelmed me in the best possible way. Never had I been somewhere that offered such a wide...

Explore Cornell’s Robust Alumni Network

By: Amanda Madenberg, HE ’20 When you choose to attend Cornell, you not only join the community of your graduating class but also a network of over 250,000 living alumni. When I heard this number as a prospective student, it didn’t mean much to me. Throughout my years...

What the Media Didn’t Tell Me About College

By: Jahnay Bryan, A&S ’23 As I complete my freshman year and continue my journey at Cornell, I find there are many things the media did not tell me about college. Now, I want to share them with you. Here are six things I learned during my freshman year....

Need-to-Knows About Research Opportunities

By: Amanda Madenberg, HE ’20 Cornell has an abundance of research opportunities that students can pursue, and the important thing to remember is that you can participate in research regardless of your area of interest. Freshmen can get involved as early as their first...

The Moment I Knew Cornell Was Right for Me

By: Brendon Gauthier, CALS ’21 There are hundreds, no thousands of colleges to choose from and apply to. With a number like that, it is easy to question your worth and fit for a college. You should not be trying to fit yourself to a college, you should be trying to...