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Early Decision Tips/Twitter Q&A

Thanks to everyone who participated in our Twitter Tips/Q&A yesterday! We had so many questions, that we couldn’t share all of our tips in the hour we had, so here are the rest of our tips that may be helpful if you are considering applying early decision (ED) to Cornell.

TIP: The ED deadline is Nov. 1. Don’t be late and be disappointed!

TIP: School supplemental materials and standardized testing results are accepted after the Nov. 1 deadline.

TIP: You are welcome to submit supplemental materials to your ED application before Nov. 15:

TIP: If your application is denied during early decision, you are not eligible to reapply to Cornell for regular decision in the same year.

TIP: If your application is postponed during early decision, it will be reviewed again by the admissions committee in regular decision. You do not resubmit your application.

TIP: ED applications that are postponed to regular decision are no longer considered binding.

TIP: The binding commitment of early decision applies to the alternate choice as well.

TIP: Although there’s no guarantee, Cornell typically receives the November standardized test results in time to be considered with ED applications.

TIP: ED applicants admitted to Cornell must withdraw all other applications by mid-January.

TIP: Applying ED and for financial aid? Both are due November 1! Learn more.

TIP: If you are admitted ED and applied for financial aid, we welcome an individual conversation if your financial aid award is not sufficient.

TIP: Most of these TIPs are less than 140 characters! Feel free to tweet them!

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