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Personalize Your Cornell University Campus Visit

Cornell University is excited to welcome prospective students and their families to campus for spring visits. Spring visits commence on Saturday, February 14. What an appropriate day to share our student’s love of Cornell with you! Information sessions and tours will be offered February 16-21, and in March, tours and sessions will be available on most Mondays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Cornell’s information sessions and tours provide a comprehensive overview of what the university has to offer and we recommend them for all prospective students. We also know that most visitors want more than a cookie cutter option and we have an exciting new way for you to personalize your visit itinerary.

Simply choose a date when you would like to visit (February 16 is a great option!), choose “Prospective Undergraduate” as your type of visit, and get started! You will see a range of days around your desired visit date and you can choose what best fits your schedule and interests. You can browse activities, attractions and other campus events, and add them to an itinerary as with an online shopping cart. Registration is required for all visitors. Register by entering your contact information and finalizing your itinerary, and you’ll receive confirmation Cornell is expecting you!

Plan your spring visit now!

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