SGRS will take place on September 27th!


The Sibley Graduate Research Symposium strives to promote the sharing of work among different areas of research, foster academic collaboration, provide opportunities for students to introduce and be introduced to exciting research, provide the benefits of conference participation and attendance, and promote the Sibley Graduate School.


Professor Itai Cohen studies the physics of matter in motion. At Cornell, his research has focused on building robots the size of cells, investigating the shear thickening behavior of microscopic and nanoscopic particles suspended in a fluid, exploring the mechanics of materials ranging from biological tissues to origami inspired metamaterials, discovering the aerodynamic and neuromuscular mechanisms used by insects during flapping flight, and determining how Tango dancers and audiences at heavy metal concerts coordinate their movement. Understanding how emergent behaviors arise from the microscopic rules governing these systems remains one of the biggest challenges in Physics.

Keynote Talk

Abstract: Cell sized robots

What would we be able to do if we could build machines the size of a single cell? If these machines can be interfaced with electronics, then at a scale of 50 microns, or about half a hair’s diameter, semiconductor devices are small enough that we could put the computational power of the spaceship Voyager onto a machine that could be injected into the body. Such robots could have on board detectors, power sources, and processors that enable them to sense, interact, and control their local environment. In this talk we will describe several cutting edge technologies we are developing to achieve this vision.


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