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NFLC Student’s Blog #3: Reflecting upon gender and ethnographic methods

By Anupriya
(Summarized from the audio by Sharada Ramadass)


Reflecting upon gender (roles and power norms) and ethnographic methods (week2), one of our Keystone students, Anupriya, had this to share:

“On 31st, Friday morning, we did an activity on mapping our individual gender events over a timeline. All 5 of us had to put down events that happened to us because of our gender – both the sour and the happy experiences. I really liked this activity as women usually hurt inside, keeping unpleasant experiences to themselves. This gave us an opportunity to share our feelings and lessen the burden of carrying it alone. When I shared my experiences, I was able to forget my hurt due to those incidents. The mapping also made us recall our childhood. In this fast moving world, we tend to not think about those events that happened during childhood. My thought is that women should have equal freedom to take up whatever work they may choose in this world.”


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