MAE M.Eng. Info Session Today in Kimball B11 at 4:30 – For Sophs and Jrs.

It’s never too early to start planning for your post B.S. graduation plans.  Explore the option of the M.Eng. Program offered by the Sibley School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering.

If you wondering about the MAE M.Eng. Program, you’re invited to the M.Eng. Info Session being held today, Wednesday, Feb. 15,  in Kimball B11, 4:30-5:30pm

  • What’s the difference between M.Eng. and a Masters grad degree?
  • Should I take classes towards the Aero Minor if I am considering an Aero M.Eng.?
  • What is the Early M.Eng. program and what is the criteria to be eligible?
  • What are the benefits of having earned an M.Eng. Degree?
  • How flexible is the M.Eng. Program in Mechanical Engineering or Aerospace?

MAE 4340/4341/5340 – Innovative Product Design Enrollment for Fall 2016

Seniors:  If you are enrolled and do not meet these following requirements, please drop this course.

Due to limited enrollment, MAE 4340 and MAE 4341 (senior design), are limited to MAE Seniors.  MAE 5340 is limited to seniors and M.Eng. who are officially registered for the Early M.Eng. or M.Eng. Programs.  Exception: Students who currently have prior permission (as of yesterday) from Professor Shepherd to take this class.


MAE 5200 Dimensional Tolerancing in Mech Design Offered Spring 16

MAE 5200, Dimensional Tolerancing in Mechanical Design will be offered Spring 2016, on MW 7:30-8:45 pm from 1/27/16-4/06/16.  2 credits.

If using to fulfill B.S., M.E. requirement, this course may fulfill a Major Approved Elective–for details, consult  , OR a technical elective, OR towards your 6 credits, 2 courses, for advisor approved elective, with your advisor’s approval.

Revised Tentative Course Offerings by MAE for Spring 2016

We will begin updating MAE course offerings soon for Spring.   Please note the courses currently appearing in Student Center are rolled-over from Spring 2015, and are not accurate.

For a tentative list (Updated September 26, 2015):   Spring 16 Tentative Teaching Assignments Posting for Blog as of 9-26-15

This list includes courses offered by MAE (in red).  Also see other Majors offering courses which are cross-listed in MAE (in black).


MechE Class of 2016 Graduation-Related Information & Senior Class Photo 9/10/15

1. If you plan to graduate after the Fall term, your degree date will be January 2016.

2. All B.S., ME seniors intending to graduate in 2016 will be e-mailed a sign-up schedule for a graduation audit to make sure each senior is meeting their graduation requirements.  Students who are graduating after Fall 2015 and those who would like to verify they are on track for MAE Early M.Eng. for Spring will get initial priority.  All B.S., M.E. 2016 degree candidates are required to meet for this review process in the Fall term.

3.  All B.S., M.E. candidates graduating in 2016, including Independent Majors, who are in M.E. as a primary or secondary major, are invited to the annual (since 2001) senior class photo, on Thursday, September 10, at 4:05 on the outside steps of Duffield facing Carpenter Hall.  Dress attire: business casual.  Professor Callister will be dismissing students in MAE 4300 at 4:00.  In the event of rain, snow (this is Ithaca!) this will be postponed to the following Thursday, Sept. 17.

4.  Additional graduation-paperwork will be e-mailed, so please read your e-mails from Nanette.

5. The MAE Graduation Ceremony information for May 29, 2016,  will be posted soon on the MAE website.  Please note, there will be three tickets for guests awarded to each graduating student.