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Game Theory with Poker

Poker is a wonderful game that involves both luck and skill. What separates poker from the rest of the games at a casino is that, if done correctly, a player can maximize his expected outcome over time if played enough. This of course, involves knowing the game quite well, knowing the probabilities of certain events, […]

Saying “I Love You”

Article Romance is important to many people; it’s something people desperately search to find, fight to keep, and refuse to let go of. But many relationships fall apart or are difficult to navigate because of a lack of communication between the two parties involved. Saying “I love you” is one of the biggest milestones in […]

The Theory of the Game of the British-Irish Border

What’s ostensibly most interesting about Neil McCulloch’s (early) analysis of Brexit and the British-Irish border is that a politically and philosophically charged situation is processed via a simple game theory argument into a prediction about negotiating side’s best strategy. McCulloch gives a game theory table in the article, justifies his choices for the numbers he […]

Charles River Analytics’ GRAVITY Tool

In this article, Charles River Analytics Inc. releases details about a new cyber defense tool under their GRAVITY (Game-Theoretic Reasoning and Analysis of Vulnerability) effort for the United States Air Force. As we discussed in class, game theory has many applications in various subjects and fields; most commonly, we see game theory being used in […]

Gucci’s Dilemma   The Gucci Spring 2020 runway show at the current Milan fashion week marked a new beginning for the legendary fashion brand. Significantly different from his previous work, Alessandro Michele, the creative director of Gucci, delivered a radical aesthetic shift that embraced a much simpler, minimal and edited focus. This shift shocked many in […]

Space Debris and Game Theory One area in which game theory applies in real life is the issue of space debris.  Over the past 50 years, thousands of objects have been launched into space and many of them are uncontrolled.  Additionally, several countries have tested anti-satellite weapons which have blown satellites into hundreds or thousands of pieces of debris.  […]

Facebook Dating and Network Privacy

It’s Facebook Official, Dating Is Here This past month, Facebook will be releasing a new dating service that’s accessible through its mobile platforms. In an article published on the Facebook Newsroom site, Nathan Sharp, Product Manager of Facebook Dating, writes that “Safety, security and privacy are at the forefront of this product. Since Facebook users […]

The Game and Theory Behind Nuclear War Starting with the election of Donald Trump as president of the United States of America, the US-North Korea relationship can only be described as actively being strained at its best. With provocative claims and threats being haphazardly strewn across the table, the question of conflict and eventual war breaking out in the eastern hemisphere […]

Politics and Game Theory

The United States, like many countries, suffers from a high degree of political polarization with both the Democratic and Republican parties wrestling for control of the government. In recent years, this has led American politics to become ever more chaotic, with each party doubling down on their contrasting views. As a result of this political […]

Game Theory Observed in Evolution of Biology      In the article “Game Theory, Evolutionary Stable Strategies and the Evolution of Biological Interactions,” Charles Cowden discusses the behavioral relationships between organisms as they interact to obtain resources. According to the Darwinian theory of “fitness,” the more likely that an individual is able to survive and live longer to reproduce, the higher […]

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