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Managerial Networks Analysis In his research paper “Race, Opportunity, and Diversity of Social Circles in Managerial Networks,” Herminia Ibarra, a professor at Harvard University, analyzed the social networks of white and minority managers in corporations. Both the methodologies and the findings of this study tied closely to the networks and graph theory we discussed in class. This […]   Ever since I took an introductory game theory course in high school, I’ve been interested in auction theory. However, as a STEM major, I found it unlikely that I’d ever encounter the topic again in my classes, so imagine how delighted I was when I heard that we’d be studying these in this […]

How social networks can be used to bias votes This article introduces the concept of gerrymandering not in a physical way but in social networks. In the voting circumstances mentioned in the article, there is a large majority of voters who tend to be indecisive. When bots are placed on one side, however, they can have a huge impact on swaying the indecisive […]

Prisoner’s Dilemma in Golden Balls Game Show

For those not in the know, Golden Balls was a short-lived British game show that ended airing about a decade ago. In the show, four contestants compete for a cash prize. For our discussion of Prisoner’s Dilemma, we will look just at the last round of the show. In the last round, the remaining two […]

Offensive Holding and the Run/Pass Ratio

This football season, the NFL has made a change in the rules that is causing the offensive holding penalty to be more stringently enforced, especially on run plays. Josh Hermsmeyer at FiveThirtyEight argues that this new rule could incentivize teams to attempt pass plays more often as the increased likelihood of a holding call will decrease the […]

Rock Paper Scissors and Game Theory   The article details how in 2005, two rival auction houses decided to fight between the rights to sell a 20 million dollars worth of art that Japanese electronics company president, Takashi Hashiama owned with a game of rock, paper, scissors. Christie’s was able to beat Soetheby’s: the former played scissors and the latter […]

Game Theory and Autonomous Vehicles

Link: How would you react knowing a car would definitely stop when you walk in front of it? The autonomous vehicle (AV) technology has been growing extremely fast and a lot of money has been put into researching it. AVs are thought to be the solution to road accidents as they are designed to […]

Crowdfunding: is just having a network enough?

Source: Crowdfunding depends on donations from a number of people to meet a funding goal. This platform is used because it only takes an individual and his/her own network to begin. The person who starts the crowdfunding campaign can be the ego of the network, but someone can start a campaign on another individual’s […]

Game Theory Analysis on Chicken

Link: This article looks at the game of chicken using game theory analysis. Chicken is the situation where two cars are driving at one another with great enough speed such that braking is not a viable option, the only options are to either swerve off, or keep driving straight. If one person swerves and […]

Matching Markets Used to Describe Unemployment

Right now in class, we are learning about matching markets- things allocated to people, where people reveal their preferences. An example of matching markets is people applying to jobs- the left hand side is the list of jobs available and the right hand side consists of all people who want a job. There is an […]

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