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Bond Trading and Yield Curve Network   A US treasury bond is an agreement with the federal government where you purchase a bond for a certain amount, and the government pays you interest based on the bond’s length. It is similar to loaning money to the government in a contract. In a normal situation, the longer the bond length is, […]

Dismantling Online Hate Networks   For those who are at least moderately active on social media, the controversy that exists over free-speech and content regulation is no foreign concept, especially on Facebook where a spectrum of hate groups exist, even with the restrictions and regulations currently in place. In the article “Researchers Model Online Hate Networks in Effort […]

Political Elections & Game Theory

Article – Disastrous Elections: Predicted by Game Theory In the Penn Political Review article “Disastrous Elections: Predicted by Game Theory,” Wesley Shaker discusses how recent elections, particularly presidential elections, have been disastrous; not in a sense of judging the character or policies of any given candidate, but in the simple fact that recent elected officials […]

Nash Equilibrium and You

Link:   How does game theory impact our everyday lives? In this article, we explore the different real world examples of game theory. This article explains how Game Theory is a situation in which all people “are using Nash Strategy” and Nash strategy is when every person is doing what’s best for them while […]

5G Race between U.S., China Burdened by Trade Barriers

5G is the abbreviation used for the fifth-generation wireless network and its accompanying technology. It is being developed and deployed by Scandinavian telecommunications companies Ericsson and Nokia, Chinese competitor Huawei, and several others. In the U.S. and much of Asia, internet service providers such as Verizon and Pacific Internet are also selling 5G technologies and […]

How Both Weak and Strong Ties Help in the Search for a Job   This article published by Facebook delves into how strong and weak ties help a person with finding a new job. According to the authors, previous research has shown that most people find a job through one of their numerous weak ties, while previous research has also shown that an individual strong tie is […]

Self Driving Cars hate Parking Meters

Article:   In the UCSC article, “Mean streets: Self-driving cars will “cruise” to avoid paying to park” by Jennifer McNulty, an upcoming problem with the emergence of self-driving cars was explained. In the article, it was explained that because self-driving cars had no need for a driver, they can cruise endlessly in cities where parking […]

Game Theory: Penalty Kicks

Article Link: In soccer games penalty kicks can drastically change the games trajectory. There are two different cases when a player would take a kick: if someone is fouled in the box during the game or if the game is still tied at the end of overtime (after 120 minutes).  The process of taking […]

The Worst Play Call in Super Bowl History

Article: This article discusses the controversial final play call made by Seattle Seahawk’s coach Pete Carroll in the 2015 Super Bowl game, that lead to a Super Bowl victory for the Patriots.  With less than five minutes less in the game, the Seahawks were losing to the Patriots by 4 points.  The Seahawks got […]

The Infamous College Cheating Scandal + Game Theory In the New York Times article, “L.A.’s Elite on Edge as Prosecutors Pursue More Parents in Admissions Scandal‘ ‘ by Jenifer Medina and Kate Taylor, the infamous college admissions scandal about USC students and other top schools was explained. The article details high profile individuals like Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman and their collusion […]

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