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Social Media Presence   A category five hurricane swept through Barbados on September 1st. The damage was extensive: at least 75 people died and went missing, houses were reduced to rubble, and communities were torn apart. During and after the hurricane, Bahamians relied on social media to check whether or not their family members were safe and […]

Game Theory in Evolution I started Rickard Dawkins’ The Selfish Gene in September.  Coincidentally, on the same day that we learned Game Theory in class, Dawkins also introduced evolutionarily stable strategy (ESS) in his book. ESS means that if an entire population adopt such a strategy, then no mutant strategy can invade. Dawkins introduced the concept of symmetry […]

Instagram and Chain Letter Spreading This New York Times article revolves around a new supposed Instagram rule that would allow Instagram to use its users’ photos however they want, even in court cases against the user. The article also describes how an image was being passed around Instagram detailing this new Instagram rule as well as stating that users […]  The article is an interesting look at how we can use the concept of Nash Equilibrium in the application of two companies dominating a certain market, a concept formally known as the Bertrand duopoly. We can see in this application that with a Bertrand duopoly, there is a profile of strategies where each competitor’s […]

Andrew Yang’s Political Traction on the Internet With the beginning of the democratic debates, the tech savvy entrepreneur Andrew Yang becomes the new underdog for the democratic presidential candidate. Up against Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, and Beto O’Rouke, Yang is the fringe candidate who stands little chance in the face of the more well-known and politically active […]

Networks blog post #1 The above article talked about the structural balance theory on a global level with very large online social networks.  The authors were trying to prove that currently available networks in this world are structurally balanced.  Various computational methods were used to determine the overall relationship among all possible networks we have.  Structural balance theory […]

Interactions between world leaders on social media Social media is one of the most influential sources in modern days. The interactions between users online often reveal their relationships offline. This article written by Ingrid Fadelli explores the research topic of Interactions between world leaders on social media which relied heavily on social networks to perform the analysis. The study in the […]

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