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Facebook Dating


Facebook will now compete with Tinder and other dating apps with a new feature, ‘Dating’. Most dating apps have basic features to control who appears on your feed. Tinder, for example, allows you to find people based on gender, age, and even distance from your current location. Facebook’s most distinct difference is that Dating is connected to the user’s existing social media profile. Since this profile includes friends and other social groups the user is involved in, the dating pool can be targeted based on who you typically interact with. Dating also includes a feature that allows you to ‘turn off’ friends or friends of friends, meaning you can steer clear of people in your immediate friend circle. Users can also filter so that they see no one in their friend network. 

With access to your social profile, Dating is more likely to pinpoint people similar to you. This kind of network seems to be the core concept of our class so far. In technical terms, with Facebook’s system you can ensure that everyone on your feed is ‘connected’ to you. This would also support the triadic closure principle, as someone gives the opportunity for two of their friends to meet. On the other hand, Dating gives users the option to eliminate triadic closure by being able to turn off ‘friends of friends.’ At this point in social media history, it seems that everyone is connected in some way and it is highly unlikely that there can be completely separate components, but the feature will be an important advancement nonetheless. Facebook Dating will use your personal network and interests to find a perfect match, something that separates it from the many available dating apps. 



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