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Why Dota 2 becomes most popular online video game with its highest prize pool in history

Since Dota 2 comes out as beta testing phase in 2011, it attracts millions of players in a short amount of time. The game is mostly played by 10 players in 5 vs 5 position where players need to have both skills and strategies to win. In steam, dota 2 has been ranked the most […]

Information Cascades Caused by Facebook Events

The link below is to a man’s story describing his experience in using Facebook to have a party. A man named Hal in Toronto plans to throw party in the hopes of revitalizing his social life since he has recently become busy with his family and job. He creates an event on Facebook and invites […]

The Ultimate Cascade Culprit

In this age of the internet, it is easier than ever before to find accurate and reliable information about almost any conceivable topic.  One should be surprised then, if some “viral” information turned out to be false, or a hoax.  If such information was untrue or unreliable, why would so many people spread the information […]

The Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba

Alibaba is the largest e-commerce company in China. The “Singles day” event in China, the holiday was invented by Alibaba in 2009 as a play on a two-decades-old celebration of China’s bachelors. During the  Single day this year, Alibaba has generated more than 9 billion dollars in one day which I think it is amazing. […]

Programmatic Buying: using real time bidding for ad space

Working at a media planning and buying agency this past summer, I was introduced to the use of programmatic buying of advertising space using automated real time bidding. According to Andy Cocker, COO and cofounder at Infectious Media, “programmatic buying describes online display advertising that is aggregated, booked, flighted, analyzed and optimized via demand side […]

Information Cascade; how it can be used to cause an adverse outcome to a nation

A Nazi propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels once said, “Let me control the media and I will turn any nation into a herd of pigs.” Goebbels, who often turned words into destructive weapons, believed that with a spread of false propagandas through the mass media, a desired crowd manipulation can be easily achieved. In April 2008, […]

Cascades in the NFL

These days, cascades can be seen all around us, whether it’s a new trend that has picked up ground or just something that existed years ago but has resurfaced. The following article discusses the new contract that was signed between the NFL and Microsoft. The contract was worth $400 million, which is good for five […]

The Drug Information Cascade : Information Schism Between Medical Professionals and the General Public

Patient – Prescriber Network The World Health Organization has an “Essential Medicines and Health Products Information Portal” where they have discussed the Drug Information Cascade into the form of an officially published article. In the article, Andrew Herxheimer believes there is a legitimate need to improve the dissemination, spread and flow of information between the […]


If we take a moment to look at a phonebook, or even an isle in a grocery store, something unique about America’s competitive market should jump out at consumers. For every need or want, there are a multitude of options with greater, equal, or lesser value. However, the fact that companies have decided that there […]

Information Cascade Effects and Immigration

Information cascade effects may explain the immigration pattern in the United States that we observe today. According to the Census Bureau, the number of foreign-born population in the United States has been growing at an accelerating rate over the last few decades. The Pew Research Center analysis of the Census Bureau’s immigrant population data reveals […]

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