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Our lab combines quantitative genetics, genomics, analytical chemistry and remote sensing to elucidate the genetic basis of complex trait variation in various crops, including maize, oat, cassava, cotton, sorghum, industrial rapeseed, and guayule.


Welcome to Jhonathan Pedroso Rigal dos Santos!

The Gore Lab welcomes Jhonathan Pedroso Rigal dos Santos, an international intern who will work with the TERRA-MEPP project during the next year. He will specifically be involved in developing a new AI system for prediction over time of biomass and other traits...

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Welcome to Roberto Lozano!

The Gore Lab welcomes Roberto Lozano, our new postdoc as of January 2018! Roberto will work with sorghum under the TERRA-MEPP project and he will oversee developing a first-generation comparative sorghum-maize Haplotype Map (HapMap). Before joining our lab, Roberto...

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