May 5, 2011
by Annelise Riles

Lecture at Wesleyan

On Monday I gave a public lecture at Wesleyan University about Collateral Knowledge. The audience was mainly humanists and critical theorists and the presentation was geared toward what the book might have to say to those audiences rather than to lawyers or regulators  Video of the event:

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November 15, 2010
by Annelise Riles
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Upcoming presentations

This week, I will present and discuss some of the findings of my upcoming book Collateral Knowledge: Legal Reasoning in the Global Financial Markets at two separate events.

First at 4:30pm on Monday, November 15, at the Colloquium Series of the Department of Science and Technology Studies at Cornell University:

Title: “Collateral Knowledge: Legal Reasoning in the Global Financial Markets
When: Monday, November 15, 4:30pm
Where: 374 Rockfeller Hall, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

And on Friday at the Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Association (New Orleans, LA), in a session entitled “Uncertain Paradigms: Ethnography and Theory“:

Title: “Collateral Knowledge”
When: Friday, November 19, 2:45pm (Session begins at 1:45pm)
Where: Sheraton New Orleans, New Orleans, LA

January 11, 2010
by Annelise Riles

What can each of us do to stabilize the markets?

An upcoming conference sponsored by the Cornell Law School and the Center for Global Partnership explores the role of professionals and professionalism in bringing about market stability. The idea is to create a “market movement” on par with political and social movements, to bring about market change from the ground up. What role can each of us play? Is there an alternative to waiting for the government to fix our markets on the one hand, or having blind faith in free-market greed on the other? Read more about the conference here and sign up to attend live or on line.

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