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Annelise Riles is the Jack G. Clarke Professor of Law in Far East Legal Studies and Professor of Anthropology at Cornell, and she serves as Director of the Clarke Program in East Asian Law and Culture. Her work focuses on transnational governance issues and over the last ten years she has conducted extensive fieldwork among regulators and market participants in the global financial markets. She has also conducted legal and anthropological research in China, Japan, and the Pacific and she has written extensively on cultural problems in the law. Her first book, The Network Inside Out, won the American Society of International Law’s Certificate of Merit for 2000-2002. Her second book, Rethinking the Masters of Comparative Law, is a cultural history of Comparative Law presented through its canonical figures. Her third book, Documents: Artifacts of Modern Knowledge, brings together lawyers, anthropologists, sociologists and historians of science. Professor Riles speaks Chinese, Japanese, French, and Fijian.

コーネル大学教授。法科大学院(Jack G. Clarke Professor of Law in Far East Legal Studies)、および、人類学部を兼任。また、コーネル大学法科大学院クラーク東アジア法と文化プログラム・ディレクター。研究関心は法学的・人類学的観点からの国際ガバナンスの調査や法と文化に関する調査など。特に近年10年は国際金融市場における監督関係者や投資家を対象としたフィールドワークに取り組んでいる。研究対象地域は、中国、日本、そして、オセアニア地域。『The Network Inside Out』(University of Michigan Press 2001)においてAmerican Society of International Law’s Certificate of Merit for 2000-2002を受賞。『Masters of Comparative Law』(Hart Publishing 2001)や『Documents: Artifacts of Modern Knowledge』(University of Michigan Press 2006)等を編著。 フランス語、中国語、日本語、および、フィジー語に堪能。

万安黎是康奈尔大学法学院杰克·克拉克远东法学研究讲席教授兼人类学系教授,现任克拉克东亚法律与文化项目主任。她的主要研究方向是跨国治理。在过去十年中,万安黎教授在全球金融市场管理者和参与者当中进行了广泛而深入的调查,前往中国、日本和太平洋地区开展了法律和人类学方面的研究,并一直在法律中的文化问题方面笔耕不辍,成果显著。万安黎教授的第一本书《网络从里到外》(The Network Inside Out)获得了美国国际法协会2000-2002年度大奖;第二本书《重新思考比较法大师》(Rethinking the Masters of Comparative Law)则是一本通过对经典人物进行串连而书写的比较法文化史;第三本书《文件:现代知识的产物》(Documents: Artifacts of Modern Knowledge)将律师、人类学家、社会学家和科学史学家汇集到了一起。万安黎教授通晓中文、日文、法语和斐济语。


  1. Are there any anthropological studies or psychological studies regarding contemporary capitalists and why they do what they do, particularly in extractive industries which despoil localities/regions?

    Is the “it’s business” answer psychologically integrated into the individuals internal being or is there a schizophrenic nature at work?

    I am a gerontological and Appalachian Studies student at Virginia Tech.


    David Winship

  2. Hi David
    Thank you for your question. Yes! There are studies. See Hirokazu Miyazaki’s book Arbitraging Japan or Karen Ho’s book Liquidated or some is Suzanna Sawyer’s work on the oil industry. So glad you are interested! Annelise

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