Labs & Activities

Case of the Missing Diamond Maker

Students will learn about some of the techniques of forensic science. They will use fingerprinting, chromatography, and chemistry to gather and analyze evidence left behind at a crime scene. Students will exercise deductive reasoning to evaluate the evidence and determine the criminal’s identity. CIBT has prepared a Missing Diamond Maker… read more

DNA Profiling

This lab was designed to complement CIBT’s DNA Gel Electrophoresis kit. Students will cut DNA with restriction enzymes. The DNA fragments will be separated electrophoretically on an agarose gel. The results will simulate a DNA profile. Students can learn how this type of evidence is prepared and interpreted. Downloads DNA Profiling Teacher… read more

I’ll Have a Bite! – Greg Panzanaro

This lab was designed by one of our alumni teachers to complement CIBT’s Forensics Odontology kit. Downloads I’ll Have A Bite (Greg Panzanaro)