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Adapt-N Technology Acquired by Global Company

It was announced on November 6, 2017 that Yara International ASA completed the acquisition of Agronomic Technology Corporation (ATC) which operates Adapt-N, a Cornell-developed technology that helps farmers optimize N fertilizer use. Yara is a Norway-based leader in the fertilizer industry and the largest global manufacturer of synthetic nitrogen with a retail presence in 160 countries. The acquisition of ATC is in line with Yara’s strategy to accelerate its investments in digital farming and sustainability.

History of Adapt-N at Cornell University

Adapt-N is Cloud-based technology platform that provides field-specific nitrogen recommendations for corn by simulating the nitrogen cycle utilizing soil, weather, crop, and field management data. It was developed at Cornell University and first launched in 2008.  Lead inventor Harold van Es and colleagues Jeff Melkonian and Art DeGaetano worked with teams of  researchers, farmer collaborators, extension staff, crop consultants and graduate students to test the tool in over 200 on-farm trials in several states with the support of federal, state, and foundation funding. With this, the economic and environmental benefits of Adapt-N were documented, showing that it can improve profits while reducing environmental losses.

In 2013 Cornell University licensed the Adapt-N technology to ATC, a New York and California based startup company, which greatly expanded its reach through significant software improvements and professional marketing. In the past years Adapt-N operated as a “public-private partnership” where Cornell advanced the research agenda and ATC focused on the commercial aspects and making it broadly available.  The tool is being expanded to other crops and geographies, which will now be significantly accelerated with Yara’s global footprint and knowledge. Yara has a strong commitment to sustainability ( and plans to continue collaboration with Cornell University.  This will further advance digital agriculture along with opportunities to scale the tool globally, innovate across a wider product portfolio and crop base, and maintain focus on the success and sustainability of farmers and those who support them.  To learn more about the acquisition, please visit

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