2016 Cornell Guide for Integrated Field Crop Management Now Available

Field Crops Guide CoverThe 2016 edition of the Cornell Guide for Integrated Field Crop Management is now available. This annual publication provides up-to-date field crop production information for New York State. It is designed as a practical guide for field crop producers, crop consultants, ag chemical dealers, and others who advise field crop producers.

In addition to the annual variety and pesticide updates, highlighted changes in this edition of the Field Crops Guide include:

  • A new section on spring malting barley, including field research trial data.
  • Revised forage fertilization guidelines to include sulfur fertilizers.
  • Updated corn, soybean, and wheat disease management tables.

The Cornell Guidelines are available as a print copy, online-only access, or a package that combines print and online access. The print edition of the 2016 Field Crops Guide costs $26 plus shipping. Online-only access is $26. A combination of print and online access costs $36.50 plus shipping costs for the printed book.

Cornell Guidelines can be obtained through your local Cornell Cooperative Extension office or from the Cornell Store at Cornell University. To order from the Cornell Store, call (800) 624-4080 or order online at http://store.cornell.edu/c-875-pmep-guidelines.aspx.

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