Special considerations for community members and students

Special considerations for community members in the class

  •  Do not ask for medical advice. The students are not physicians, and the physicians who do attend are not there for that purpose.
  • Ask questions. Part of the rationale for the course is to give students practice in explaining science to the public.
  • If you have a science background, remember that we’d rather learn about the science from the students and faculty.
  • Remember that the students are students. Be supportive and kind.
  • Do not focus exclusively on your own cancer.
  • We encourage community members to share their own cancer experiences throughout the semester, but do nt overshare. These are not medical students. They do not need to know every detail.
  • Bring positive energy to the class.

Special considerations for students in the class

  • Be professional. Always follow-through with your commitments.
  • Be engaged during the class. Don’t go through your email or otherwise distract yourself and your neighbors.
  • Know that it is ok to ask questions to community members. We want to share with you.
  • Bring positive energy to the class.
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