Recent Presentations:

The Past, Present and Future of Cancer Immunology
Regan Stephenson and Anabella Galang
September 9, 2020

The Tumor Microenvironment: Everything Around Cancer Cells
Brittany Schutrum and Stephanie Lux
August 12, 2020

Watch the video about our partnership!

We’re proud of three articles about our partnership – by faculty, by graduate students, and by an undergraduate. Click on each article to read the content.



The Cornell Cancer Partnership is a unique collaboration between cancer researchers at Cornell University and the Cancer Resource Center of the Finger Lakes, connecting researchers-in-training with individuals personally affected by cancer.

We bring the researchers out of the lab and connect them with the patient community on a regular basis. Together, we learn the science of cancer and practice speaking a common language.

We are eager to share our experience and resources with other communities to encourage the development of their own collaborations. Contact us at rnr45@cornell.edu.

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