Monitoring for first cutting

While most livestock producers will not be harvesting alfalfa for hay crop silage, I thought that was an interesting article from Janice Degni, South Central New York Field Crop Specialist. She notes  how quickly the harvest date for dairy quailty feed is here or fast approaching.

Degni states: “It’s time to get around and take a close look at your fields. The trigger for harvest of grass stands is 15” alfalfa and plenty of fields are at or above that height. I have seen a few heads of orchardgrass poking out. Other grasses are still in the pre-boot stage but that could change quickly with the warm days in the forecast. Its very important to assess your stands that are 50:50 alfalfa and grass or less alfalfa. The window to capture peak quality is quickly approaching.”

You can find her report at here.

Many regional specialist teams compile similar reports. To find the Cornell Cooperative Extension office in your county/region, go to Field Staff.