Sale Report – Central New York Video Board Auction

All cattle on offer were double vaccinated and weaned a minimum of 30 days. Cattle were graded by a certified USDA Livestock Grader and sold via board sale with video representation. Sale prices reflect current delivery on estimated weights. Prices are FOB bid prices on estimated weights, with a 4 cent slide  on actual weights 10-49 pounds over the estimate and 6 cent slide on weights over 50 pounds over the estimate. No adjustment for cattle weighing under the estimate. Cattle are collected, weighed, and transferred at Hoskings Sales – New Berlin, NY on November 4. Supply included 55 percent steers, 39 percent heifers, 6 percent bulls with 94 percent over 600 lbs.

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Meeting on Beef Cattle Vaccines to be held in Herkimer County

“Why Should You Vaccinate Beef Cattle” Meeting October 26, 2017

Registration is FREE: Pre-registration is required by October 20, 2017

Please pre-register by registering online at, or call (315) 866-7920 or

email You can also register by mail. Registration form along with more

information  can be found at Vaccine_Program.

CNY Feeder Calf Pool – Auction Oct 13

Over 110 calves were graded last week, sorted in to similar lots by sex, weight and breed. The preconditioned and weaned calves will be auctioned Oct 13, but remain on farm until picked up at a central location on Nov 4. This sale is meant to reduce stress of weaning, commingling and transport providing an animal that is low risk for respiratory disease. Sale lots and additional information can be found at under CNY Fall Feeder 2017 Feeder Calf Sale.