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Public Use

Public Use Activities

Activities permitted during hours of operation

The Arnot is open to the public and the following activities are permitted: Small game and deer hunting on an annual permit approval. Day activities such as picnicking, hiking, skiing, bicycling, fishing (restricted in some areas), and nature study are welcomed year-round. All users of the Arnot are expected to follow the rules and guidelines listed below.

The forest is open to vehicles from 9:00am to dusk from mid-May to mid-December (exceptions during hunting season*).

While enjoying the Arnot Forest
please observe 
the following rules and guidelines:

1. The following are not permitted:

  • Fires
  • Overnight camping
  • Off-road vehicles or snowmobiles
  • Unauthorized plant or animal collecting
  • Entry into Posted, Restricted, or Research areas
  • Wood cutting or removal (by contract only)
  • Trapping
  • Target practice
  • Tree stands or steps that pierce tree bark

2. Pets are to be kept under your direct control at all times.

3. The forest is closed during hours of darkness. At each gate be sure to note the time when the gates will be locked.

4. Hunting is allowed by Special Use Permit only. Holders of a Cornell University Hunting Permit must also have applicable New York State licenses, permits, and stamps. All NYS Department of Environmental Conservation laws and Arnot Hunting Rules and Regulations, are applicable and will be obeyed. 

5. Do not block access roads or gates.

6. The picnic tables and trash cans are for public use. Help us keep the forest clean and attractive -please do not litter- use trash cans or carry out whatever you bring in.

7. Please exercise courtesy for others (people cutting wood and using the Arnot for other recreational purposes) and common sense when using the forest.

Please exercise courtesy for others and common sense when using the forest.
If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us.

*Forest gates open at daybreak during the hunting season. North gate will be closed for all of archery and firearms deer seasons.

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