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NEWA is awarded USDA grant to improve website

The NEWA website will soon undergo a significant upgrade funded by a USDA Agricultural Research and Development Program Grant awarded to NYS IPM, which is part of Cornell Cooperative Extension, and the Northeast Regional Climate Center (NRCC) at Cornell University. This $198K grant provides important resources to deploy a website that responds to your device screen size, improves user experience, and adds important data quality measures for the NEWA online decision aid system.

The upcoming web redesign will also integrate capability to provide regional attribution for NEWA partners and weather station owners. It will also link growers to respective partner resources throughout the network for improved IPM decision support. Data quality control of variables such as precipitation, temperature, relative humidity, and solar radiation, coupled with improved communication methods with weather station owners will be built to further improve the reliability of NEWA.

NEWA users in New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia and Wisconsin will soon have a website experience that provides a new level of continued accuracy and reliability for research-based IPM risk assessments and recommendations.

To download a full press release, visit http://newa.cornell.edu/uploads/documents/2018_USDA_NIFA_NEWA_release.pdf

This work was funded through grant number 2017-70006-27210 from the National Institute of Food and Agriculture, Crop Protection and Pest Management, Applied Research and Development Program.

Using the NEWA help desk

NEWA has a new online help desk. Use it to share an idea, ask a question, report a website problem, request weather station assistance and more.

How to make a request

A ‘Help’ link is located on the right side of the main navigation bar which is accessible from any NEWA page (Figure 1). Click to open a new window and make a request (Figure 2). You can also send a message directly to support@newa.zendesk.com.

Figure 1. The NEWA help desk can be accessed from the navigation bar on any page.

Figure 2. Click ‘Submit a Request’ to contact the NEWA help desk.

When the form opens, add a valid email address, subject, detailed description of your question or problem, and any relevant URLs or screenshots which can be uploaded as attachments (Figure 3).

Figure 3. Use the help desk form to ask a question, report a problem, or make other NEWA-related inquiries.

You will receive confirmation after clicking the form ‘Submit’ button (Figure 4).

Figure 4. You will receive confirmation or your request to the NEWA help desk.

Work tickets

A unique work ticket will be generated when you submit your request to the NEWA help desk and all subsequent communication will come from support@newa.zendesk.com. We will work closely with you until a resolution is found.

What to use the help desk for

Use the NEWA help desk for anything of importance as it relates to your user experience. This includes general questions or comments, model questions, website issues, weather station issues, and anything else of importance.