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Applying NEWA tools on diversified vegetable farms

How do you stay on top of pest management decisions for 50 diversified crops? Are there tools or approaches to help growers understand these complex systems?

Katie Campbell-Nelson, Vegetable Extension Educator with University of Massachusetts Extension, discusses these issues, and ways to use NEWA pest forecasting tools in her presentation, Weather forecasting and modeling for diversified vegetable growers, given at the 2016 New York State IPM Conference, Climate, Weather, Data: Protecting Our Crops and Landscapes.

Campbell-Nelson teaches diversified vegetable growers in Massachusetts how to utilize weather forecasting and modeling to inform IPM practices and uses NEWA tools to help New England diversified vegetable growers manage pests and diseases.

In her presentation, Campbell-Nelson explains how she advises growers by bringing together the various NEWA tools for the busy farmer who is growing a myriad of crops. Watch her presentation below, or visit the NYS IPM Program’s You Tube Channel, and learn more about the tactics she uses.

Learn more about the IPM Conference on the Climate and Weather Conference website, https://nysipm.cornell.edu/resources/nys-ipm-conferences/climate-and-weather-conference, and download the pdf of Campbell-Nelson’s talk.