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LERGP Podcast for Grape Growers

Statewide grape IPM specialist Tim Weigle and Viticulture Extension Specialist Luke Haggerty just posted a great podcast discussing the usefulness of grape tools available through NEWA. Produced by the Lake Erie Regional Grape Program, this podcast packs a lot of great information into a quick 6 minute segment, covering insect and disease models useful for grape growers throughout the region. Tim and Luke discuss the use of NEWA to forecast grape diseases including black rot, downy mildew, powdery mildew and phomopsis cane and leaf spot. They also discuss the impact of grape berry moth on grape growers and ways in which NEWA’s forecasting model helps growers stay ahead of this pest.

Weigle’s and Haggerty’s NEWA podcast is the latest in a series produced by LERGP. Each segment provides a short commentary and discussion about topics related to grape production in the Lake Erie region or LERGP. For more information about these podcasts, visit lergp.com.